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I had a great idea for a salad last week.  We were out of tomatoes and I did not want to eat carrots for some reason.  I needed to make a salad and had a refrigerator full of greens.  I decided to make an all green salad and it was great.  I should have taken a picture.

Salad Ingredients

Green leaf lettuce






It was very hearty.  I cut the kale up very fine to make it easier to eat.  I really like when I can take whatever I have in the kitchen and make a meal out of it.

Umm Ebraheem

Many, many moons ago I made a post about Aldi‘s grocery store (see here

Well, just recently an Aldi’s grocery store has moved into my neighborhood and my husband and I ventured in to have a look around.  It was basic to say the least.  I had my quarter ready for the shopping cart and my large canvass bag for my groceries.  I am happy I did not drive out of town to shop at Aldi because of the small selection of groceries.  There is no way I could only shop at Aldi and get everything that I need.  What I am happy to say is that they have very cheap produce. 

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I’ve read lots of recipes for green juice with different ingredients to get different benefits. The one that I’ve settled on for both health benefit and taste is listed below with pictures!









I’m not listing amounts because this drink is really to taste. If you don’t like your juice very green use more carrot and apple. If you don’t need the juice sweet then use less carrot and apple. The amount of each I use depends on what I have in the refrigerator. My husband and I can drink this combination both very green with very little apple and carrot or sweetened with lots of juicy apples and sweet carrots.

I change the ingredients of my green juice depending on what I find in the grocery store that looks good. What I like most about juicing is that there is no limit to what you can juice. Most vegetable/fruit combinations can be used. Check out Youtube for some great ideas on what to juice and be healthy!

I’ve got a great salad and salad dressing recipe from my favorite raw food youtuber Dan the Life Regenerator.

This salad can be quickly prepared in a food processor.   This salad can be split between 2 people or for 1 person for a main meal for dinner.


Romaine lettuce about 6 leaves

2 Radishes

1 Zucchini

1 cup Cauliflower

1 Red pepper

2 Carrotts

SALAD DRESSING – This is a great no fat salad dressing

4 Small tomatoes or 1 large

1 Orange skin peeled and cut into 4 pieces

2 Cloves garlic

Handful of Parsley.

Handful fresh Basil

Salt to taste

Blend all ingredients in a blender and pour over your salad!


Umm Ebraheem

This is what I bring home from the grocery store and the farmer’s market!!!

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I found several different recipes on youtube for lettuce wraps and decided to make 2 different fillings.


For one I used cilantro, red onion, avocado, tomato, and corn.


For the other one I used zucchini, cucumber, carrot, avocado in julienned  strips, and alfa sprouts.

I was thrilled to use my new food processor to cut up my vegetables.


My husband and I enjoyed both of the wraps.  I added salt and pepper to the first one and used a raw “ranch” dressing on the second one. 

Before I started on a raw and living food diet I never ate avocados and now I’m really enjoying avocados both in sweet and savory dishes.

Yunus 10:18

And they worship besides Allâh things that hurt them not, nor profit them, and they say: "These are our intercessors with Allâh." Say: "Do you inform Allâh of that which He knows not in the heavens and on the earth?" Glorified and Exalted be He above all that which they associate as partners with Him!



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