Recently my husband has been getting gifts of eggs from a coworker who has chickens and ducks on her land.  She does not farm, just keeps the birds for personal consumption.  My husband and I both enjoy farm fresh eggs and are happy to take the extra off her hands.  My husband also really enjoys duck eggs so we get those as well because her family does not eat them.

I had a left over store bought egg and a “yard bird” egg and cracked both into one bowl.  The difference in color and yolk consistency was very stark.  You can’t tell the difference from the picture, but the egg white was also noticeably different.  The egg on the top is a standard store bought brown “cage free” and the egg on the bottom is the yard bird.

2015-05-23 10.51.23

We eat fresh, local and organic as much as we can afford and I encourage you to do the same.

Umm Ebraheem