This weekend my husband and I reaped the benefits of shopping around.  I had recently read an article about Bed Bath & Beyond having cheaper prices than for many items with the use of the 20% coupon that gets mailed out.  I mentioned it to my husband because we were in the market for a space heater.  Always looking for a good deal, my husband did a price comparison of space heaters at WalMart, Amazon and Bed, Bath & Beyond.  We found that the cheapest price for the same exact Lasko 5521 heater was found at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  If you hold on to those coupons that BB&B mails out you can really get bargains on lots of household items. 


The space heater priced at all 3 stores~~~~~~~


Bed, Bath & Beyond  ~~~~  49.99 plus 20% off with coupon.  ~~~ 54.99  plus free shipping


WalMart  ~~~  59.98


WalMart markets itself as the low-price leader.  I think that at one point you used to be able to reliably go to WalMart and know you were getting the lowest price.  With all the competition I don’t find that to be the case.  I’ve long since stopped shopping at WalMart on a regular basis.  I just prefer to shop other places and I do a lot more shopping online.