DSCF0870 We drink bottled water here in Alex and what we have been doing is buying two 6-liter bottles each time we purchase and that will usually last us for about 7 days, depending on how much we are drinking. For the last 4 or 5 days we have not been able to get our normal brand of water, we like the Baraka brand. All the stores in the neighborhood have been out and at first they were telling Ahmed they would have it later that evening or the next day.

Well today Ahmed comes in and says the water plant that the Baraka water comes from has closed down and there will be no more water from them! Well, there are other companies but the store owner told Ahmed they are unreliable in their delivery. We were able to find some 1.5 L bottles of Nestle water for the past 3 days and that has been holding us over but out of a little nervousness we have not been drinking as much as we normally would. DSCF0872

When Ahmed came home with the news about the plant closing I looked it up online and sure enough the plant is closed. They had a fire and the plant was destroyed and had to close. Insha’Allah, this won’t affect us in the longterm and we will be able to find bottled water in the neighborhood without problems in the coming days and weeks.

We had to go to Vodafone, our mobile phone carrier, to put internet time on my phone and we decided to walk home for some exercise. On the way home we walked by a small store and saw they had several bottles of our favorite brand of water, Baraka. We stopped in and picked up 2 bottles because that was all we could carry home. So now we have four 6-liter bottles of water and that should hold us until more water is delivered to the stores in our area.