my bag

I had to rethink what I carry in my purse for outings here in Alexandria. The first few times I didn’t take anything and just put my phone in my pocket. I learned the hard way that that just wouldn’t work. So I rummaged through my luggage, because we still are not unpacked, and now I’ve got my cute cross body purse that I can wear and it is secured across my body instead of just on the shoulder. It is not heavy and I can get all the essentials in it. So, what’s in my bag?

First up, toilet paper. Never leave home without it, cause living to regret it can be an uncomfortable and messy business!

toilet paper

Next in the bag, the much needed hand sanitizer. Even though bathrooms don’t seem to have toilet paper they do have soap in them, but you may not be in a position to go wash your hands and it’s always good to have some hand sanitizer at the ready.

hand sanitizer

After sanitizing you’ll probably need a little moisture, so you have to have the hand lotion. I got this cute little Paul Mitchell hand lotion from the hotel where I spent my last vacation.

hand lotion

I keep a flashlight handy. My husband had this perfect size sturdy Maglight flashlight. The battery is new and I’m ready for blackouts or dark roads.


My new smart phone is of course in my bag. I really like this new phone. I was not previously in much of a hurry to get a smart phone because I would have to get an actual monthly plan with a cell phone company and I just did not like the idea of giving them so much money every month for a phone I would barely use. Then I felt like the phones were just too expensive for what I was going to use it for. But, being that I am out of the country a smart phone was really a necessity and contrary to all my previous moaning about smart phones I’m really enjoying this one. It’s a Galaxy Pocket.


And last, but not least, my lip balm. I have to have it because who wants dry, chapped lips.

2013-01-17 13.27.40

What do you put in your bag while traveling?