Yesterday was a really good day for me and Ahmed. We had a good adventure for a change. We are still on the apartment hunt and had plans to view an apartment in the afternoon. But, before we went on the apartment hunt Ahmed wanted to show me some little bakeries that he found on the other side of our neighborhood. We walked down an ally and ended up on a fairly large street that was full of people and stores. The entire street was busy. I kept getting strange looks and I knew it was only a little bit attributed to our being new in town. My jalabiya (overgarment) was so wrinkled I looked like no one loved me. I have not see 1 Egyptian woman walking around as unkempt as I was yesterday. They are all put together and freshly pressed. We are trying not to buy a lot of things because we will probably be moving and we already have 6 large suitcases to move so adding household items is just going to burden us more. The place we are staying in does not have an iron so after I wash if things come out the washing machine wrinkled they are staying wrinkled!

So, back to the bakery. We found one and the baked goods were all out and flies were on them so we walked down the block to another one where the stuff was already wrapped and we picked up some chocolate covered croissants and what I thought was a cheese danish. Well, we get back to the apartment I make Nescafe coffee for me and mint tea for Ahmed and we unwrap our danish. I’m excited but that excitement quickly turns to dismay. What I thought was cheese was some strange yellow jelly that had a weird sweet taste to it. So buyer beware, everything that looks like what you get back home is not always what you get back home!

Not a Cheese Danish

After the danish incident we head on out to see the apartment. We had to go further away from the area we are in than we had before and taxies are out because they charge to much money. So Ahmed and I decided it was time for a to take a microbus. We found one that was not crowded and told the driver where we were going and hopped in. It was not a bad experience and we decided that since it was the cheapest way to travel we would definitely do it again. No hassle over prices and drivers decided to charge you a different price from the one they quoted you before you got in, etc. We get to San Stefano and realize we are in the nice tourist area. We found the apartment after a little bit of trouble with the bawab (building caretaker) and finally got up to the apartment. It was a nice apartment but completely out of our price range. After we left from chatting with the owner and sharing a cup of tea we stopped for dinner at a little Chinese restaurant that we found. dragon group napkin
The food turned out to be fabulous and the service was great.chinese dinner

San Stefano area was lively and more of what I pictured when I think of Alex. It was dark and getting late so we did not go into the large mall in that area. We decided to make a trip of it another time especially since they have a Pizza Hut in the food court and I can get some pepperoni pizza. We had a long wait to get a microbus because everybody and their cousin, friend, sister, brother, momma, was trying to get a bus, but we finally did and so al hamdulillah we feel like we can get on those minivan busses with little problem.

We stopped at the souk up the street from our area and found me some rubber boots to wear. The streets in our area are not paved and every time it rains it creates a dirty, muddy mess. So now I’m equipped to walk around in said mess without ruining my shoes and feeling dirty. Ahmed has to go back and get a pair for himself because his poor shoes are getting a workout.yellow boots

That is the end of our good Saturday. It was full of new experiences and fun. We were exhausted by the time we got back home and were ready for showers and bed.

Next up, more apartment hunting…