I’ve been thinking for a few days what I would write for my 2-week recap of Alexandria, Egypt. I have a lot of thoughts and opinions on it, but anybody who knows me knows I have thoughts and opinions on everything. What I will say is that I was bored in Durham and I wanted a little shake up in my life, a little adventure. I certainly have it now.

*Egyptian landlords and apartment owners are worse than dealing with used car salesman and all of them that we have come in contact with so far in this neighborhood of Mandara in Alexandria, Egypt are crooks.
*Egypt desperately needs a sanitation plan
*It is cold and rainy. It has rained every night for the last 5 days. Outside my apartment is practically a moat.
* The winds are so strong from the sea that it rattles the doors and windows. Things get blown off people’s balconies and you can feel the wind moving through the tall apartment buildings.

It feels like there was nothing I could have read or that anyone could have told me to prepare for living here. The water pressure is crap and so far the hot water has been sketchy. We came here with the intention of living on a strict budget and that is really our problem. We could spend more and live in a different neighborhood and that may possibly end up being what we have to do, but that would remove us from the language center we initially wanted to attend. What it will do is put in a better neighborhood and inshaAllah we will also meet with better apartment owners/landlords.

Where I’m at now doesn’t really look like a neighborhood, but if you look more closely you can see the community. A guy we know just showed Ahmed a store around the corner where they have the good croissants. All I need is a nice cup of coffee and I would be straight. There are so many stores around here on the bottom floors of the apartment buildings, I think we will be able to find lots of things we need in them. We ran across a hardware store on a corner and it seemed out of place, but doesn’t every neighborhood need a hardware store. This area would be much easier on the eyes if the streets were paved and not filled with trash but I guess like everyone else I’m going to have to look beyond that.