When we got to Jordan I tapped, tapped, tapped on my new smart phone with the touch screen and pulled up the set date and time app. Jordan, Cairo, and I thought Alexandria too should have been in the same time zone, so I’m thinking I have the correct time. We get to our temporary apartment and there is a clock on the wall that is about 45 minutes faster than what I had on my cell and I thought, that can’t be right. So, of course we hear the adhan for salah and Ahmed goes off to the neighborhood masjid. When he got home he told me he asked several brothers for the time and no one seemed to have the same time and they didn’t seem to care either. None of the brothers had the correct time on their cell phones. We both wondered how did they get to class/work/anywhere on time if they had no idea what the correct time was/is. Finally, we were able to get online and I figured out what the correct time should be and put it on our phones.