(This was originally written Saturday, December 29, 2012)

So Ahmed took me around the city today. I finally got my first glimpse of the Mediterranean sea and it was beautiful. Many little cafes were set up along the beach and if you wanted a seat you had to pay the guy who was running that area of beach. We just walked along the cornice and took in the view and the hustle and bustle along the way. On the way from our neighborhood we saw an entire heard of goat on the side walk and in the grass. The goat herder just had the goats walking along the street eating whatever grass and trash they found. He was walking with another guy talking and going on about his day. I just had to shake my head. There were goats of all sizes and colors, even though they all looked a little shabby. That was an amusing start to the day that unfortunately did not end up so amusing, but that’s a tale for another day.