Many, many moons ago I made a post about Aldi‘s grocery store (see here

Well, just recently an Aldi’s grocery store has moved into my neighborhood and my husband and I ventured in to have a look around.  It was basic to say the least.  I had my quarter ready for the shopping cart and my large canvass bag for my groceries.  I am happy I did not drive out of town to shop at Aldi because of the small selection of groceries.  There is no way I could only shop at Aldi and get everything that I need.  What I am happy to say is that they have very cheap produce. 

 I’m planning a trip on Friday and my goal is to pick up bananas for 44 cents a pound, blueberries for 1.49 a pint, tomatoes at 99 cents for a 24 oz package, 3-pack of bell peppers for 1.89.

Last week I got even better deals, a pint of grape tomatoes for 69 cents, pint of mushrooms for like 59 cents, 19 oz baby carrots for 69 cents.  Pistachios for a great price and cashews for a great price (can’t remember what we paid for the nuts!)


My new plan is to hit up the Aldi on Fridays and pick up all the deals in the produce and nuts section.  We eat a lot of produce and I appreciate being able to get American grown produce at rock bottom prices.

There were other deals but what makes this store an option for me is the produce.

Umm Ebraheem