1.  My husband is using terminology like “dead carcass” when referring to meat. 

2.  I’ve been holding off on this observation because it is a little personal, but I’ve got to say that since changing my diet my bowel movements have no foul odor and neither does my husbands.  Also, deodorant is a nonissue. 

3.  Still not craving meat, or chocolate, or bread. 

4.  I’ve been thinking about Brussel sprouts for 2 days and I’m determined to have steamed Brussel sprouts for dinner this week.

5.  Nuts have become my go to snack.

I may be witnessing my husband’s complete transformation to vegetarian.  I don’t know if he is going to go back to eating meat after these 21 days.  Kris Carr said that body odor was going to go away and she was right.  I did not think about it until today, but after my 5K walk I had almost no body odor and I did break a sweat.  I’m going to pay attention to this and see if after a good sweat I’m not reeking for miles. 

I’ve realized today that I need to watch my intake of nuts so it does not get excessive because they are full of fat.  I realized today that I was probably eating more than a serving and put them away in the cabinet.  I don’t want to trade one bad habit for another, so I’m going to keep myself mindful of that. 

Today I ate fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch, and corn and string beans for dinner.  No juice today because I wanted to make sure my husband had enough and we need a serious produce shopping trip.  I decided to make some fruit juice this evening because the last of my pineapple was going bad and one of my oranges was looking a little rough.  I juiced pineapple, strawberries, apples, 1 orange and it was fantastic.  I drank some and bottled the rest for my husband.  He likes a snack when he comes home from work.

So far, so good.