1.  My left eye is twitching.

2.  I have a serious headache.

3.  I woke up with coffee on my mind and settled for green tea.

So, all afternoon and evening I’ve had a raging headache and thought it was related to decreased caloric intake, so I ate more salad.  Then, when my left eye started twitching I realized I was having caffeine withdrawal because I haven’t had my coffee in days!!!  This is why my husband calls me an addict.  I drank coffee up until the day before we changed our diet despite knowing I was going to be leaving it and despite the advice of Kris Carr to taper off.  I LOVE COFFEE!  So now my eye is twitching and my head is pounding and I can’t get a lick of work done but that’s okay.  As soon as this 21 days is over I’m going back to coffee.  I figure I’ll have a cup of coffee on the days we have meat with our dinner! 

Today I treated myself to some dark chocolate in the form of dark chocolate covered nuts.  The CVS near me is having a sale and so I bought a can.  I’m using nuts as a snack.  They are not raw, but I’m eating them anyway.  Raw almost are so dry I don’t know if I would really enjoy them.  I’m looking forward to the 5K walk that I’m doing on Saturday.  I’ve also got some pictures of my juicer that I want to post as soon as I get time.

 So far, so good.