1. Still not craving meat, which is a good thing. My husband has not mentioned wanting it either.
2. What surprises me the most is the lack of craving something sweet. I’m usually thinking about chocolate as some point in the day but these last few days I have not had the urge to buy chocolate or make chocolate chip cookies (my #1 favorite sweet).
3. My appetite does not seem to be as large as it was before changing my diet.

I’m still mostly hungry in the late mornings. This morning I did not have juice and really did not want anything until late morning when hunger hit me really hard. I started eating fruit and could not seem to satiate myself. I think what I’ve learned is to have something to eat when I get up in the morning instead of waiting until I get famished. No lentils today. I had fruit, salad, squash and shallots marinated in olive oil and lemon with thyme. I also had a little cheat today and was scolded by my husband. I’ll keep that to myself for now. So, day 4 I did not have a completely clean diet but not anything that really threw me off track. At the end of the day I could have done without it. It just goes to prove if you don’t have, it you don’t want it.

So far, so good.