Last night I was very tired and did not post before I went to bed. I typed the post as if it was still yesterday. So, here is day 3.

1. I’m starting to get nervous because this is going rather well. I’m expecting a crash or crazy craving to hit me mid way through.
2. Not much has changed since yesterday.

I had 32 ounces of green juice. We are still having lemon ginger blasts in the mornings. I’ve had a headache all day today that is not related to the change in diet. Today I had green juice for breakfast and lunch, lentil soup with my juice for lunch, dinner was a zucchini and corn salad and it was great. I’m happy to report that I really like corn right off the cob uncooked and the zucchini was tasty as well. Snacks consisted of fruit and we’ve got some good fruit in the house this week.

I asked my husband how he was doing during the day and he says great. I’ve been giving him extra juice to take to work and today he got green juice and fruit juice.

So far, so good.