1. I’ve not been drinking enough water.
2. I notice that breakfast is the hardest part for me in this altered eating. I’m most hungry at breakfast time and right after.
3. I need more vegan/vegetarian recipes that do not involve cheese.
4. I don’t miss meat!

Today was not a bad day. I’ve got to ask my husband how things are going for him. I feel a little guilty like I’m not giving him enough to eat to last throughout the day but I know he can handle a reduced calorie diet okay. I just want to make sure this is not a chore for him. I’m on the hunt for easy things I can fix for his lunch and dinner.

I’m surprised that I don’t feel the absence of meat. I think I will eventually get a craving for a hamburger or something, but other than not knowing what to cook that does not involve a meat, starch, vegetable for dinner I’m doing okay.

Got a little exercise today 15 minutes aerobic and 10 minute weight training. Planning to exercise with my Women on the Grove partner on Thursday and looking forward to that.

So far, so good.