Today was the first day of my and my husband’s 21-day cleanse. We are abstaining from meat, dairy, most carbs like breads, and refined sugars. I’ve also given up coffee for the next 21 days. We are loosely following a raw food type lifestyle as a way to jump start our good health. We bought a great juicer, the Breville Elite 800JEXL, and we make green juice every morning. For lunch we are doing salads and for dinner I’m planning on hot vegetarian meals.

My husband is going to keep me on track because I can backslide like nobodies business, but once he decides on a thing he can really stick to it. InshaAllah we are looking to loose weight (more me than him) and get healthy. We would like for the food we eat to be beneficial to us more than just filling up our stomachs. There are so many health benefits to good healthy food and we’d like to be able to get those benefits.

We had a great grocery store trip this afternoon after we had a breakfast of a lemon ginger blast just recipe I found on Youtube and some fruit. I recently read through a book called the Crazy, Sexy Diet and it was really interesting. My main purpose of reading the book was to learn a little bit more about how the author, Kris Carr, used food to help put her cancer into remission (and Allah knows best). Medicinal food is not something new but often times these days things are made solely for convenience and with so many preservatives and chemicals it is almost a chore to eat healthy.

So, my husband and I are on this journey together and I’ll be putting my thoughts about it here on the blog. We’ll see if I can make it through or crack under the pressure of needing some processed sugar!