I’ve decided to showcase Muslims around the web and our first stop on this tour is…  

Baabun Nasr (A Door to Help)  

I have several times posted about a Muslim charity by the name of Al Maun, but this time I’m expanding the love and posting about Babun Nasr.  A wonderful charity located primarily in Philadelphia, Pa but serving the tri-state area (which means Pa, DE, and NJ) and their goal is to help individuals and families and provide social services to the community.    


Baabun Nasr opens the door to help to any and everyone who is in need. There’s approximately 100,000 Muslims residing in the city of Philadelphia alone who suffer from destitution or some form of poverty. Sadly, these conditions are the general standard for the majority of City residents which brought about the conception of Baabun Nasr. 



Our social service program, which is founded upon Islamic morals and teachings, is committed to helping those in need with the basic necessities to help sustain themselves and their families. We strive hard for the sake of Allah by providing a viable and caring resource center to the community at large.  

We are very grateful to Allah  

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon Prophet Muhammad, his family, his companions and his true followers.  

(subhanahuwata’ala) for allowing and giving us the ability to provide these services and we pray that our deeds are accepted by Him.

~Baabun Nasr Board of Directors~ 

So, the next time you are looking to give charity or pay your zakat remember the wonderful work being done at Baabun Nasr. 

Umm Ebraheem