I realized that I have been neglecting my own blog because I spend so much time on natural hair blogs.  In the last year I have found so many interesting sites with other black women who have decided to stop chemically straightening their hair.  It is so much fun to see black what black women all around the world are doing to and with their hair. 

I stopped chemically straightening my hair about 13 years ago and I’ve been so happy with myself ever since.  I always enjoy all the different advice, hairstyles, tips, tricks, and product reviews.  I am always happy when a woman embraces her natural hair texture, whatever that may be, and finds the beauty in it.   I’ve recently had to real myself in from offering to much unsolicited advice to the women that I know concerning their hair.  I’ve decided I’m going to let them do them and I do me and leave it at that. 

There are also so many new indie hair care companies popping up that are geared towards curly/kinky/coily hair that the options for hair care products are really wide and varied.

Umm Ebraheem