The title pretty much sums me up.  I try to keep up with new technology, the latest thing, etc.   But, in reality I’m just not that into it.  I still have a HOUSE PHONE!  Granted my house phone is VOIP but still I plug my phone into the wall outlet.  I have a prepaid cell phone that is so old I don’t have voicemail and I’m to cheap to pay the extra for the voicemail.  I have a facebook page that I don’t visit and I’ll probably never twitter, EVER.   Mainly because I’m just not that interesting.  You can tell by how few blog entries I have over the years and how mundane it all is.  Even though I tell myself I’m going to get more interesting and that I’m actually going to blog about some of the off the wall things I think about on a daily basis, I’m still not quite comfortable enough to put that much of myself on the internet.  Oh, and I don’t text.  I’ve never sent a text message and frankly I don’t know how.  When I hear text to number 1334, I always wonder how does the internet/phone operator know who to send the text to! 

Anyway, I should be putting my home phone to more use as well because there are about 10 people including family, friends, and people who recently found me on facebook that I need to call.

Umm Ebraheem