So, once again I’m making good food choices.  I’m picking better snacks to eat and all that.  I buy a 10 oz bag of pistachios to snack on during the week, only 10 oz is really not that much when it comes to nuts and pistachios can be very addictive.  You start cracking those shells and popping them into your mouth and the next thing you know the bag is empty.  I finished the bag in 3 days, but that is not what I learned.  What I learned was how many calories are in those great little green things.  I would say on my last sit down with my bag of pistachios I ate about 6 oz.  So, I’m at my Sparkpeople page filling in what I ate for the day to see what my calorie count is.   I add in the 6 oz of pistachios and I’m feeling pretty good about my overall calorie intake for the day.  I click add and look at my daily total and my eyes nearly bugged out of my head.  6 oz of pistachios is 910 calories!  That was more than half my calorie count for the day.   Every new calorie intake is a hard lesson to learn.  Oh my, now I’ve got to ration my pistachios.  It is a good thing I only eat those babies every now and again, otherwise my calorie count would be in serious trouble!

My quest to find the right calorie/exercise balance continues.

Umm Ebraheem