I’ve noticed that I get a lot of hits to my blog from people searching the internet wondering if medical transcription haram (unlawful for Muslims), but I have not gotten any questions left on my blog.  I’m hoping that the people visiting the blog have found what they are looking for.  I am more than happy to answer questions.  There is not anything that I do in my job on a daily basis that would be haram and Allah knows best.  I work for a medical transcription company, my work goes directly to the hospitals that they contract with.   In my original “is medical transcription haram” post I referenced an earlier email about the description of what an MT does.  I went back and read that post and in hindsight I don’t know if it really clears up what I actually do all day long.  It is pretty simple actually.  I sit at my computer with my headphones and my foot pedal and I listen to recorded dictations from healthcare providers and I transcribe/type what is said in those dictations.  That transcribed report is then edited by me for punctuation, grammar, and style.  That final report is then sent via web back to the hospital where it is then put into the patient’s chart.  I work from home and as long as I’ve been an MT I have worked from home. 

Please don’t be shy to ask any questions.  This is a very practical career for Muslims.

Umm Ebraheem