During a question and answers session with one of the Ulema (scholars of Islam), a questioner on AlBaseerah.org, a popular Islamic website, asked if being a medical transcriptionist was haram (forbidden). They then went on to explain to the sheikh that what a medical transcriptionists does is type files that go to insurance companies. First, this is not a correct understanding of what a medical transcriptionist does. I have an entire post on my blog that goes into exactly what an MT does so I will not rehash all of that again. I am no longer able to access this audio on the Albaseerah website and I don’t remember at this time what the answer to the person’s question was, but because the premise of the question was incorrect, the answer that was given cannot actually be applied to medical transcriptionists.

Medical transcriptions do not generally work for insurance companies, although some insurance companies employ medical transcriptionists. Most MTs work for medical care providers including private doctors’ clinic, hospitals, urgent care centers, etc.

Unfortunately, this questioner did not understand what it is that an MT does and because of that their question was flawed from the start. This is the harm of not being informed on a topic and then passing on misinformation to others including the Ulema. Medical transcriptionists do not type of files “to go to the insurance companies.” Medical transcriptionists transcribe voice dictation into written records for the purpose of creating medical history. Insha’Allah (by Allah’s permission) the next Muslim who wonders if they can lawfully work as a medical transcription they will be better informed about what it is they are looking into. If you have questions about what I do leave a comment and I will answer as soon as I am able.