I am always dumb struck at the reluctance of Americans to call out American terrorists for what they are – TERRORISTS.  Hate mongers who murder, slander, and kill based on their religious beliefs.   They are no better than Osama Bin Laden.  They are all in the exact same vein of vile murders.  The doctor that was recently murdered (Dr. George Tiller)was doing his job as sanctioned by the laws of the United States.  Whether or not you agree with abortion advocating for the murder of someone doing their job or slandering and libeling someone who is within the bounds of the law is not the way to keep women from having abortions.

If the religious murdering psycho had been named Muhammad his face would have been plastered all over the TV, politicians would have been breaking their necks to get on every news program to talk about the evils of Islamic extremism, and news anchors all over the states would have been interviewing everyone they could find to comment on the evils of Islam. 

But, when that religious murder is a Christian the microphones are practically silent.  Where is the outrage?  Where are the “good” Christians?  That is all you here when a Muslim “terrorist” commits a crime.  Where are the “moderate” Muslims?  Where is the outrage in the Muslim community? 

 A man was murdered in a church for doing his job.  The hypocrisy is astounding.

Umm Ebraheem