The public library is truly an American treasure.  I don’t know anywhere else where you can go and have so many things offered for use free and all you have to do is prove that you live in a neighborhood.  To the people that support the libraries I say thank you.   As I just posted below my internet at home is out and so I came to my local public library for a quick email check.  In our libraries because computer space is limited you have to reserve a computer and you get an allotted time of 55 minutes per session.  So, I am sitting here reading a blog I like to keep up with and I realize that my time is running out.  I am checking the clock and reading as fast as I can when lo and behold the computer says, “Would you like another 15 minutes?”  Well, I certainly would and that just makes me even more grateful to have this wonderful service.  If you don’t take advantage of the libraries in your area I would encourage you to go and see what’s new.

Umm Ebraheem