Everyone is invited to listen to our program on Knowing True Islaam on November 13, 2008 at 11 p.m.  Please invite family members, co-workers and neighbors who are not Muslims to tune into our program to learn more about Islaam.

To tune into the program please click on the link below then click on the orange button on the front page to listen to the program live. Also we encourage everyone to become a registered listener so that they may leave a comment about our program; however it is not necessary to register to listen to the program.

The Concept of Worship By Abu Yusuf Khalifa Abdullaah


If you have any questions during our program you’re welcome to call into the program after our guest speaker had concluded his talk.

The area code to call into the program (347) and the phone number is 215-7527.

Please do not use this phone number to call into the program to listen.