I am thinking of going to the Aldi Grocery store in an effort to save some money on groceries.  I have heard that you can save a lot of money shopping there, but I am a little hesitant.  I usually go to Harris Teeter and I know that I pay more for my groceries because of the atmosphere, all the cashiers and baggers, choice of paper or plastic, nice aisle, pretty signs, a lovely bakery section, etc.  I am used to these things and they make the shopping experience overall more positive.  I regularly shop with coupons and buy sale items in order to save money, butI think the time has come for me to go for full on frugality.  The only problem is gas is still expensive, though the price is falling, and the Harris Teeter is less than 3 miles in a car from my house.  If I was in a jam I could walk.  I even have a Kroger that is closer at 1 mile in the opposite direction from Kroger and I do walk there on occasion when I just need a few items or some exercise.  My dilemma is would going to Aldi, which is 15 miles away, still be a frugal choice?  I hope to be able to get some feedback from this post.  You do not need to have an account with wordpressto leave me a comment (just click at the bottom of this post). 

 Take my poll and/or leave a comment and tell me if you have experience with Aldi Grocery store and think it is worth the drive in order to save on groceries.