Knowing True Islaam had a new radio show.  I did not post the details ahead of time because we were a little uncertain if the show would actually go forward.  I am posting now so that anyone who wishes to benefit may do so.  If you want to learn how Muslims understand Jesus then I would encourage you to listen to this show.  Also, for any Muslims who read this post please invite your friends, family, neighbors who are not Muslim to check out the radio show. Click the link below to get to the Knowing True Islaam site.


The topic of the talk was Jesus, man or God.  Is he Devine?  The talk was given by Jalal Abul-Rub.


Currently residing in Kentucky, USA, Jalal is Palestinian with dual Jordanian/American nationality.  He is a well-known da’ee (One who invites to Islam and educates non-Muslims about Islam).  He has translated several books (while being affiliated with Darus-salaam, KSA & Dar of Islamic Heritage, Florida) and currently has devoted much of his time to translate Zaad-ul-Ma’aad, the monumental work of Imaam Ibnul-Qayyim (rahimahullaah). 


Although you will not be able to ask questions because the show has been recorded and is not live, I  would encourage you to hold your questions and check back for the next live show.