Knowing True Islaam’s next scheduled show is Friday, November 30, 2007 at 5:00 p.m. EST.  The guest speaker inshaAllah will be Abu Khaliyl Jadd Sylvester.  The topic for Friday’s show is “What Do The Muslims Believe”.

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Abu Khaliyl Jadd Sylvester. He is an American who is originally from Philidelphia. He accepted Islam in the mid 1980’s and he used to publish books for the operation Ad-Da’wah to Laa ilaaha illallaah wa MuhammadurRasoolullaah in Philadelphia. Then he went to work for QSS late 80’s early 90’s under the leadership of Muhammad Al-Jibaly. At QSS he authored and translated a number of works for the Jam’iyah such as Straightening the Rows for Prayer, The Ruling on Isbaal, Principles of Commanding the Good and Forbidding the Evil, and so forth. He also co-authored works with Jibaly. At the same time he was the chief editor and translator for Hudaa newspaper that many of us are familiar with.Eventually he moved to Riyadh, KSA, in August 1999 to work at Darussalam Publishers head office for two years. There he worked as the chief editor for the famous 10 volumes of Tafsir Ibn Kathir under the supervision of Shaykh SafiurRahman alMubarakpuri.

When Tafsir Ibn Kathir was finished he returned to the US and found and continues to operate Dar al-Kitab wal Hikmah in Mobile , Alabama . Abu Khaliyl is the author of many works that can be found at He also works behind the scenes as a translator and editor for Darussalam  doing the translations of Tirmidhi and the reviewer for the rest of the six books being published now by them (Muslim (completed) Abu Dawud, Nasa’i and Ibn Majah), etc.